I have been involved with making miniatures for over 60 years after I received my first metal dollhouse from Santa. I starting at a young age learning hand embroidery, in addition to making blankets, pillows and rugs to go in my dollhouse and sewing wardrobes for my favorite Barbie dolls. Thru the years I have been consumed with the creative process in many areas of my life which lends itself nicely to miniatures.

I have a Bachelor's of Science degree in Home Economics which included several art and interior design classes. I love creating miniatures in all areas including food, furniture, home decor and especially holiday miniatures.

I continue learning and expanding my knowledge in various mediums by attending classes, conventions, participating in miniature shows, and traveling to gain insight and first hand experience in studying historical items as well as present day creations and techniques both in real life and in miniature.

I always give back to our hobby by donating handcrafted items to conventions I attend and shows I attend as a vendor.

I had articles and photographs published in miniature magazines including the NAME Gazette thru the years.

I do extensive research in order to hone my skills which I can pass on to you with the various items that I create.

My husband is also involved in the manufacturing of some of these miniatures. He is a tremendous help when it comes to helping me doing shows and figuring out the multitude of various machines and their workings. He is also my mailman and goes to the post office to mail packages to my customers.

Constantly learning makes this hobby and art form so exciting and fun! I hope you join in this loving hobby and pass it on to others.

Meeting people with the same passions is so rewarding and have made many friends over the years.

~ Susan Clark

Proud Member of NAME